What is HTML To XML Parse?

If you have blogs hosted on Blogger, of course you ready familiar with HTML To XML Parse. With tool HTML To XML Parse, you make it easier to add HTML or Javascript code to blogger template.

HTML To XML Parse serves to change a particular code or mark, into an entity code (unique code). Generally modified codes are smaller (<), quoted two ("), ampersand (&), single quotes ('), bigger signs (>).

The codes will be converted into unique codes (entity code) as follows.
Result Will be changed to
< &lt;
> &gt;
& &amp;
" &quot;
' &#039;


Why Use HTML To XML Parse?

By doing HTML Parsing, it will prevent the display error on the blog when opened in a web browser. This technique, often used by web designers, for example, a template maker for the appearance of a website / blog. They use that way to make the HTML / JavaScript code from the template, so that compatible with the XML version. Additionally, parsing html can make the html code parsed to be more seo friendly and valid html5 when compared to unparted.

How To Use HTML To XML Parse?

Using this HTML To XML parser, you don't need to change your script code manually. You can easily convert code html into xml format. You need the copy HTML or JavaScript code, and paste it in textarea column above.

What can do it?

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