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How to reduce image size or compress photos without losing their visual quality?

Learning how to reduce the size of a photo and compress an image in a professional way, in order to upload it as optimized as possible to a Web, is an essential job. Any administrator of an Online project, whether it is an eCommerce, a blog or a page for the sale of services, should master this whole topic correctly.

But that's not all, but the fact of being able to lower their weight without losing quality will allow you to improve the loading speed of all those URLs where these elements and digital illustrations are present, with the large number of benefits that this has for SEO and web usability.

And it is that, as you surely intuit, if the images included in the design of a website are not optimized correctly, they will consume a large amount of resources from your hosting service and will make it much slower.

How to compress images or reduce the size of photos on a website or blog?

So, if we take into account that photographs, banners and infographics are the most seductive content on the Internet, and that we will surely want to use them on our website or blog, knowing which are the main tools to compress photos without losing quality is a fundamental need.

But, it is necessary to take into account that the most important thing before lowering the weight of an image so that it does not lose visual appeal, is to assess whether its size in pixels is appropriate according to the place on our site where it is displayed. we will showWhat are the steps to take to optimize the images of a website?

Taking this into account, I would like to make an important clarification, when we talk about compressing photos we refer to the following 2 actions that should always be closely linked to each other:

The first, we resize the image to the smallest number of pixels needed.

And secondly, we lower the weight (Mb or Kb) of it without losing its visual quality.

Let's look at an example:

If your website has, by its configuration, a maximum width of "800 or 900 px" for the content, it would not make any sense that your images exceed that same size. Taking into account that they will never be shown with the dimensions to which you have uploaded them, you would only be carrying unnecessary weight on them.

In this case, you are missing out on an even smaller number of pixels. And thanks to Image Compressor, when you compress the image, you will also get a much smaller file than the other size.

What free tools to compress or reduce photo size without losing image quality?

Image Compressor of these will allow us to reduce the size of those photos (or the weight of an image) without having to sacrifice its visual quality in the process that I have just explained to you. is the free page to compress photos or to reduce the size of the images. You can optimize the weight of almost all the JPG and PNG files that you going to upload to your blog or website. makes it easy to compress or resize an image for free and with very little quality loss. That is, by selectively reducing the number of superfluous colors, they will also reduce their size in bytes.

It is completely free and works 100% online, that is, from web browser. The application allows us to Compress JPG, PNG, WebP or GIF, set best quality in real time.