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Today, many marketing, advertising or public relations agencies demand to generate a large amount of content on the same topic. When they are going to issue press releases or communiqu├ęs, they need to have different versions of the same text written to satisfy the different demands.

Something very similar happens with bloggers who, to improve their positioning, resort to the establishment of small blogs dedicated to the same topic. They may also be in a good position to improve your search rankings and redirect that content to the home page.

However, companies or individuals also have the need to create massive texts to promote their products or services. In this sense, they occupy a good margin within the niche in which they are, having a greater capacity to attract new potential clients.

It is here, where the Spintax enters the scene as a tool to create massive content. Therefore, with this article we want to show you what the Spintax concept means, how to use it correctly, what it is for or the benefits that this way of generating content that has been going strong can bring.

What is Spintax?

The word Spintax comes from the English phrase "spinning syntax" which rotary syntax.

It is a novel technique within content creation, since it allows writers to produce a large number of articles from a single text. Also, there are other variants to generate articles, taking the coded text (spinner) from an editor, process it and write it in different versions.

For this, there are different tools that analyze language and algorithms. They are able to create unique combinations by analyzing the original text in depth. In this sense, the editor will only have to include the synonyms suggested by the tool throughout the text.

The spintax or text spinner could be defined as a technique to automatically generate text from other base text, so that it reads differently even though it is the same. This is achieved by using synonyms, sentences or different ways of saying something.

How to make a Spintax text?

To make a spintax text you must bear in mind that there are many codes and quite a few generators, each one interpreting various kinds of encodings. However, to avoid getting too confused, the most popular spintax code is the one with slashes (/) and square brackets ({,}).

Square brackets are used to mark the beginning and end of a phrase or word. Bars are always used to separate variations of a spinner word or phrase. Also, these go inside the brackets and differentiate the phrases and words that are parallel to each other.

The Spintax code configuration also allows you to spin phrases or words within a previously spined text. You just have to open more brackets within the same text modification. We can see it better in the following example:

As you can see in the example, many variants of words or phrases can be included to write an article and generate various final texts. Do not forget to be meticulous when creating these combinations, giving them coherence and cohesion, paying close attention to the gender and number of words.

As you may have observed from a quick structure we can build a great diversity of paragraphs that mean the same thing but are written differently.

A priori it seems a bit tedious, but with a little practice we will carry out this task almost automatically. To do this, look at the following levels that I explain below:

  1. Word. It consists of using synonyms manually or by using a tool that generates them automatically.
  2. Phrase : The objective of this level is that as far as possible the sentences make sense and maintain coherence with each other.
  3. Paragraph : After the first two levels, it is time to structure our article in paragraphs that are assimilated to the base text that we have used as a reference to say the same but with different words.
  4. Article : Last and perhaps the most complicated part, but the one that will offer you the best result, is to create a complete variation of an original article.

One recommendation that I give you is that you combine at least the first 3 levels to spin and generate quality content. In addition to entering the keywords for which we want to position ourselves and interlinking.

What is Spintax for?

If you already have previous experience in the world of content writing, SEO or copywriting, you will know that content is the great factor that Google takes into account when positioning a website or a specific article.

For this reason in particular, spintax was born, so as not to waste time in writing articles and quality content over and over again, manually with how tedious it can become to repeat the same thing all the time, requiring many more hours of work..

Therefore, the spintax serves to:

  • Save work time.
  • Generate a greater number of texts.
  • Improve positioning in Google.
  • Avoid duplicate content.
  • Avoid penalties in social networks for sending the same message several times.

Tips for making Spintax

Sometimes we believe that making spintax texts is simple, but the truth is that it is much more than taking a fragment of text, copying it into the corresponding box and generating the fragment we want. It is about something else, playing with synonyms and giving the phrase coherence and cohesion.

That is why, below, we are going to offer you a series of tips so that you can make a good spintax, of quality and without entering penalties for duplicate content.

1. Do not stay with the first version

When we carry out this practice, we always tend to stick with the first version that the tool we have used offers us. But, the ideal would be to find new options, correct, revise the text in depth, modify the synonyms and give the text the necessary coherence to avoid being penalized.

2. Don't abuse synonyms

The use of synonyms in spintax is very good as they give the text an interesting semantic richness, but they should not be abused. The ideal would be to try to write sentences or expressions that refer to the same thing, but with different words.

3. Check the text

As an editor, it is a maxim that must be clear whether or not, to review the text as many times as necessary, in order to detect possible errors, errors in the wording or also possible duplication that can penalize us.

4. Limit its use

It is fine to use spintax for creating a lot of content in a short time. But we must not forget that, if we extend this practice for a long time, Google will begin to notice and penalize you for it.

5. Use anti-plagiarism tools

It is highly recommended that you use anti-plagiarism tools. It is not convenient to trust 100% of the texts that the spintax platforms offer us and, to clear up doubts, it is good to go through these tools to save ourselves the odd scare.

Advantages and disadvantages of making a Spintax text

Using spintax to produce a large number of quality texts is an increasingly widespread practice in the world of digital marketing. It has many benefits for those who use it, but it also has its disadvantages and it is convenient which are to try not to incur them.

Next, we go on to show you all those advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of making a spintax text

  • Writing a large number of texts in a short time.
  • Considerable savings in working time.
  • It considerably improves the positioning in Google.
  • Ideal for creating short or rotating texts (350 words).
  • Possibility of creating different documents that deal with the same topic.
  • It is recommended to use it in social networks, press releases, landing pages, etc.

Disadvantages of making a spintax text

  • You may inadvertently make duplicate content and incur a penalty from Google.
  • It is not recommended to use spintax for blogs, because the syntax rotation does not have the dynamism that is assumed in terms of the ways of dealing with a topic, damaging the position of the blog in search engines.
  • It can become tedious and slow writing.

What to avoid when doing Spintax?

When we get down to work to create content massively, we do it with the idea of ​​creating quality texts, with semantic richness, a variety of synonyms, etc.

But, apart from the aforementioned, it is essential to avoid some practices that can make us lose the quality of the texts and that it is good to know them. For example, it is not convenient to take a thesaurus and that's it, we have the work done and it is not like that, doing spintax is much more than that.

The best thing to do would be to avoid these practices and gradually develop our own dictionary of synonyms, it is difficult, yes, but it will improve the quality of the texts considerably.

You should also avoid the massive replacement of synonyms because they tend to bring inconveniences when it comes to making sense of the text, since a word can mean many things, therefore, we must choose very well which synonym we want to add to the text.

In summary, to create good content using spintax, it is crucial to use synonyms properly and to give consistency to the sentence or text.

Spintax: a formula to create content in a short time

As you have seen throughout the article, spintax is a practice that has been gradually implemented within content marketing. It has opened a new avenue for writing, significantly reducing the work time previously used to write texts.

It may not be the best way to write content, as it is very repetitive and tedious, but it is a very valid formula to create many articles in a short space of time, especially short content such as landing pages that usually occupy between 300-400 words.

However, as you have been seeing, spintax is not a simple practice, it requires time and dedication to produce optimal texts. A good spinner can take days to develop, so patience, work and perseverance.

In short, spintax is a good practice in these times when there is a great demand for content and to publish the same information in different places without Google penalizing you.